Thursday, September 18, 2008

Road Rage

I really need to know if others are feeling the same way I am. With all the construction around our home, and everywhere else it seems as if people in general out there are getting angrier on the road. I have had NUMEROUS people cut me off, blatantly turn in front of me so that I have to come to a complete stop, etc. etc. etc. and every detour I take is the same way. Yes I know this is normal, but do you think it's gotten worse lately? When I took a walk and saw the construction trucks lined up along a little road in our neighborhood too I wanted to cry. For some unknown reason they have blocked off the right turn lane onto the main highway as well. Who remembers when the state of Utah had a party because construction was over (with our tax dollars I'm sure) Why do they have to do it all at once? I understand that our roads are atrocious, but I'm ready to move out to the middle of nowhere. It really makes me realize how congested and crowded this town has really become and you know what? I'm not sure I'm enjoying it. This is what I do know: I will not leave my driveway without a word of prayer not only that my kids and I will stay safe out there, but that I will stay sane. Maybe I will invest in a horse and buggy and move to Amish country. Can you tell it's been a day??


rubberbandgirl said...

Ugh. Rough day. I'm sorry. I think there's definitely something about the morning school more week and we're back onto it.

scrapsidaisy said...

Oh.My.Gosh. I am so sick and tired of orange barricades. It seems like it just came all of a sudden and now they are EVERYWHERE!

Donna said...

I feel your pain. Road construction is such a headache, and navigating around it is an even bigger one. I've heard that Utah spends a lot of money on fixing up roads. Maybe it's not worth it! Out here in Connecticut, there's always a road getting upgraded, but it usually isn't too bad. Unless you count the Big Dig fiasco up in Boston. But I won't even go there!