Monday, September 1, 2008

On Gratitude

My heart is full an awful lot. I am grateful every day. I live my little life in the cloistered world I dwell in and I am constantly overcome with profound manifestations of joy. I have learned after many years that it is all about love. It is during those times that I forget this that I struggle to find my place and I dwell too much on myself. I am always unhappy when I am selfish or hold back and I have to adjust my bearings and get back on course quickly to find my peace again. I am deeply moved as I ponder the Atonement of my Savior Jesus Christ. In Him I rejoice. In Him I rely. Only through Him do I remember who I am and who I can become. He provides me with breath, with sight, with stamina, with the ability to comprehend beauty and inspiration. He has given me my weakness so that I will partake of His strength. He has blessed me with pain so that every day I will call upon His name and remember from whom all my blessings flow. I love Him with all that I am.

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rbberbandgirl said...

That was beautiful, Rachel. Thank you for your testimony.
The part about being blessed with pain was especially poignant for me.
Beautiful pictures!