Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School Daze

It finally happened. Conner's first day of second grade was on Monday. He absolutely loves it and is excited every day to go.
I love it too. Love the teacher, love the curriculum, don't love the pickup everyday. The whole process of commuting, and waiting our turn takes about an hour. Drop off is another 45 minutes. It's worth it though because we love this school so much.
CC is not used to being in the car as much as she has been this week and we took her seat out of the car and had it in the house last night and she walked over to it and was still sitting in it.
No honey, you don't have to be in your car seat anymore tonight. It will all start again tomorrow!


rbberbandgirl said...

Not a fun commute, but it'll give you more time to sing primary songs on your way.
I'm excited for both of you!

annalisa said...

Rachel, I hope you don't mind I checked you out off goodreads. My daughter just started second grade too. What school is he in? Private or charter? We've been on the list for several charter schools to no avail yet. Just curious. Commutes are no fun, but it's so worth for education isn't it?

rbberbandgirl said...

Me again. I've been listening to your play list. I really like that song by Gavin Rossdale and love Love Song. Have you ever felt that way about poetry?
Nice James Blunt song as well.

Leslie said...

I'm jealous he didn't have to start until now. I don't like year round it seems wrong to make kids go to school in the middle of Summer!

Lara said...

I am glad you love the school, you will just have to keep reminding yourself of that while you are in the car:)