Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The REAL Swimming Lessons

My first mommy and me class...really. I thought we were supposed to learn something. They informed me that I was supposed to teach my daughter, the teacher is just there to observe.
So here's what I'm NOT going to teach Cecilia.
Lesson #1
Before going to a pool, make sure you have tanned to a nice golden crisp
Lesson #2
You must have acquired a killer body before daring to stuff yourself into a swimsuit
Lesson #3
When you invariably see all the people you know at the pool and the time comes to strip down to your suit, just forget the whole thing and go running off still wearing your husband's t-shirt and the biggest beach towel you can find for support.

Here's what I WILL teach her:
Lesson #1
Have fun and don't cling to mommy with your teeth- really you'll break the skin!
Lesson #2
Mommy's swimsuit really does need to cover mommy so please don't yank it up, down or sideways
Lesson #3
Mommy needs to learn to swim better herself so perhaps you should ignore lesson #1 after all...


rubberbandgrl said...

Thank you for the laugh! I sympathize heartily!

scrapsidaisy said...

Oh mommy and me classes, so fun. I only ever did those with Miquelle and agree that I pretty much could teach her anything they "learned". I really should get Cole and Cagney in swimming lessons. Where are you in those pictures? It looks like a nice pool.

Leslie said...

I recognize the pool! Brinlee is taking lessons later in the afternoon. Forget about the swimsuit trauma - think about all the fun memories of swimming with your beautiful girl. Yeah right! Glad to see you blogging - I was getting worried about ya.

Lara said...

Fun! So true about the swimming suit thing. We have gone to Seven Peaks a lot and every time we go on a Saturday, I have run into someone from high school. How great is that to see someone after all these years and I am standing there practically naked? Not so great. But that is another post, that pool looks great! Where are you taking lessons?

Beth W said...

rachel. . . .i just like you :) the end

ps i'm excited to see all of you again next month!

Jeana said...

You are so funny!