Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Was Tagged

I've never been tagged- wow what an honor Cami :)

Food: Name a favorite food/flavor combo.

pasta salad, pasta salad, pasta salad

Music: If you could only have 3 cds to listen to for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Consider the Lilies by the MoTab- it got me through some rough times, Hopes and Fears by Keane, and haven't heard the new cd by Coldplay, but I love the single Viva La Vida so much I just may pick it for the song. Hm... I hope it's good then if I only have three...

Home: Think of your cooking/baking methods. Is there anything about what you do that drives you crazy?

I always spill everything- I can't seem to not make a mess :)

Choices: Is there something you chose to do, but almost didn't, and are grateful that you did?Name this near-regret.

marrying my husband is the biggest one- almost every time I take a chance or reach out in some way the dividends have been huge.

Parenting: Name something you have said to your child(ren) recently that was taken right from your parents' playbook.

Wow this is a hard one... I try so hard not to do this

Season: Name the most refreshing thing about summer.

The evenings spent outside with friends

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